Mukhosher Arale

9:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Jhinuk is a military aspirant. As her brother died on the line of duty and was wrong defamed by the army, Jhinuk’s parents are not willing to let their daughter leave for the military. Her only emotional support is her best friend Arko, whom she is destined to marry. Jhinuk applies secretly to the army and gets in. She leaves and is almost immediately sent to a clandestine mission that is rife with dangers.
While on the mission to unmask a militant called ‘Tiger’, Jhinuk is fatally harmed by him. As it turns out, the mysterious Tiger is Arko’s father, Biplab. Jhinuk is miraculously saved by Shaon, a surgeon who reconstructs Jhinuk’s maimed face. Unfortunately, Jhinuk loses her memory as well and is given a new name, Dishani.
Shaon takes Dishani to Kolkata where Shaon is supposed to get married to Arko. Amidst her old surroundings, Dishani starts recovering some of her memory. However, she is misled by Shaon (who in turn is being instructed by Biplab, having realized Dishani’s identity). Around this time, Dishani recovers her memory fully. Before she can confide in Arko and others, things reach to a tipping point when a girl with Jhinuk’s old face arrives and claims to be Jhinuk.

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