Aloy Bhubon Bhora

8:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The story revolves around a young college girl Shruti, who hails from a middle-class family and aspires to become a renowned singer. Her father Animesh Rai, a professor, is proud of both his daughters Shruti and Sanchari. He’s equally proud of himself to be able to support Shruti in pursuing her passion for singing since he had to give it up to provide for his family. Shruti’s mother, Aloka is constantly thinking of getting Shruti married after she clears her college finals. She was immensely happy when Nilkamal Bhattacharya seeks Shruti’s alliance in matrimony for his elder son Arya Bhattacharya.
On one hand, we have the humble middle-class Rai family and on the other, we have the influential Bhattacharya family. Nilkamal Bhattacharya is a successful businessman who owns rice mills and is looking forward to a ticket to fight in the state elections. Nilkamal has two sons, Tirtha, and Arya who are poles apart. While Tirtha is the nice college boy who is associated with an NGO to serve the community, Arya has taken the mantle of family business and helps his father in his endeavors. While Tirtha follows his heart and does what his heart pleases, Arya extends support to Nilkamal unconditionally. Tirtha loves his elder brother a lot.
Shruti and Tirtha both study in the same college together and are close friends. Tirtha is in love with Shruti’s cousin sister Sanchari and dreams that post Shruti’s wedding to Arya he and Sanchari would take the vows together.
On the day of the wedding Arya meets Shruti secretly in a park, a little further from her house. He tries to test Shruti’s character by trying to get cozy with her. Shruti gives him a tight slap and then Arya reveals that he was testing her and then gives her a ring, saying since he didn’t get enough time to spend with her before the marriage and could never give her any presents he wanted to gift this to her before they were pronounced man and woman. Shruti is elated.
As Shruti was happily returning home after meeting Arya someone throws acid on Shruti’s face. Shruti couldn’t see the face of the aggressor or recognize him as Arya had his face covered with a helmet. The burn from the acid attack not only leaves Shruti’s face mutilated and scarred but her soul and self-esteem are maimed as well.
Every day was a never-ending journey of incessant hellish pain and trauma for Shruti. She prayed for death than a life of such barbaric pain but her parents, sister, and Tirtha stood by her through thick and thin to help her recuperate. After numerous surgeries and months of treatment, the doctors managed to reconstruct a part of her face but that still was nowhere close to what she looked like before.
Shruti gets utterly disturbed and miserable seeing her disfigured and horrific face. She retreats into a cocoon and stops interacting with the world outside. Tirtha tries to cheer her up but she closes the doors on him too. This is when Tirtha takes her to meet the girls from the NGO he was working with and there Shruti meets many real-life acid attack survivors like her.
Seeing their grit and determination and the zeal to live their lives on their own terms despite the hardships and discomforting stares of all sorts of people they come across, Shruti too decides to start afresh. She knows that for her treatment and facial grafts her parents had expended all their savings and even Tirtha helped them financially as much as he could, without taking any help from his father.
Shruti decides to take up a job and begins to gather her life piece by piece. Here too Tirtha remains by her side and encourages her to resume singing. But the trauma of the ordeal refuses to leave Shruti and she maintains her distance from music. But deep within she knew that in the deepest darkest corner of her heart she wanted to apprehend the culprit who was responsible for her condition. Silently, Tirtha too vowed the same but never told her.
Slowly Shruti too realizes that Tirtha had feelings for her. It took some time for her to respond and eventually they get married. Soon Shruti finds out who was responsible for the horrific attack on her. And to make matters worse Shruti believes that Tirtha married her to save the culprit.
The story further entails Shruti’s journey in fighting her own battle at two fronts: one with the world outside to bring Arya to justice and the other with her own self.

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