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Sadhak Bamakhaypa ||

Bamakhepa (1837-1911), goddess Tara's ardent devotee lived near the temple and mediated in the cremation grounds. At a young age, he left his house and came under the tutelage of a saint named Kailsahpathi Baba, who lived in Tarapith. He perfected yoga and Tantric sadhana (worship), which resulted in his becoming the spiritual head of Tarapith. People came to him seeking blessings or cures for their illness, in distress or just to meet him. He did not follow the set rules of the temple and as result was even once roughed up by the temple priests for taking food meant as offering for the deity. It is said: Tara appeared in the dream of Maharani ("Queen") of Natore and told her to feed the saint first as he was her son. After this incident, Bamakhepa was fed first in the temple before the deity and nobody obstructed him. It is believed that Tara gave a vision to Bamakhepa in the cremation grounds in her ferocious form and then took him to her breast. Sadhok Bamakhyapa, which has had an uninterrupted run on ETV Bangla since Jan 15, 2007 not only shows the presence of this great figure in our lives, but also celebrates the feat of a serial which has become a part of our daily lives. We have retrieved one of the most important figures in our philosophy from the pages of history.... The serial which features actor cum singer Arindam Ganguly in the lead role has become a rage all over Bengal and is probably the first serial based on a religious figure to reach this mark.The serial is simply becoming more and more popular day by day largely due to the performance of the lead actor and also due to performances of the supporting actors or actresses like Samata Das, Manu Mukherjee, Sanjib Sarkar etc. Writam Ghosal is the script writer and the researcher since first day and it is produced by Subrata Roy's team.